Data Warehouse

Effective management and reporting, richer intelligence, and better accountability

edFusion™ Data Warehouse powers the entire data lifecycle from source systems to reporting. Robust, easy-to-use tools put information into the hands of all constituents by providing public or secure, role-based access for operational and longitudinal analysis.  We view a data warehouse as not just a storage mechanism, but also an access point to all your organization’s critical data.

Built on a proven P-20 model designed specifically for SEAs and LEAs

  • Secure longitudinal and operational data storage
  • Strong metadata
  • Data management and collection tools
  • Scalable and adaptable to changing data requirements
  • Established ETL process for data consumption / movement
  • SIF ready
  • Supports state and federal requirements
  • Architected and designed from national standards
  • 20+ educational subject areas
  • Built-in record level security
  • Comprehensive audit and logging capabilities

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Utilization of multidimensional, hierarchical, and relational models for optimized storage, access, and reporting